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Taikhar Rock

Passing through the provincial centre Tsetserleg, you will get legendary rock Taikhar which stands not far from the Tsetserleg. Taikhar chuluu, also known as Taikhar Rock, is a large granite over 18 m high rock formation in the northern part of the Bulgan Mountain, central Mongolia.

It lies 20 km north west of the nearest large town, Tsetserleg, by road. The area around the formation is home to a ancient writings and paintings. Geologically, the rock was separated by Tamir river systems in millions years from north side of the mountain.

According to Mongolian folk myths, a serpent beings who waged many wars in the world, scarring the people. Then people asked favor from Bukhbilegt who is great wrestler and warrior for destroy the beast. The Bukhbilegt took a rock from Bulgan Mountain and went to the snake. There followed a great battle, which ended in the deaths of the serpent. The rock threw on the head of the serpent named Taikhar. The word "head" is called as "Tarkhi" in Mongolian language. 

The rock has a large number of inscriptions, over 150, in various scripts including Turkish, Uighar, Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu, Sogda and Chinese too. The purpose and meaning of inscriptions are various types but usually for blessings, praises and sometimes referred ancient poems. The earliest and most famous one is Turkish "Orkhon-Enisei writings" which was wrote in Runi language belong to VI-VIII AD century. Also, The cliffs has writings of traditional Mongolian alphabet and dated back to  XIV Century. Passed events and historical figures were referred on the some writings. Unfortunately, most of them seem to have barely appeared as time passes.