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Ugii Lake

Lake Ugii is nearest lake to Ulaanbaatar capital city. It is also called a paradise for fishers and located in the territory of Arkhangai province, the central part Mongolia. Tough this small lake covers area of only 27 km.sq, it is the main destination for fishers and boating adventurers. If you want we can do some boating experience and fishing there!

Ugii lake is located in Ugiinuur sub-province, Arkhangai province and one of the picturesque small round shaped lake of Mongolia. The lake is on the height of the 1337 m a.s.l and average depth of the Lake is  6.64m and depth of most of the part is not exceed than 3 m. Deepest point is over 15 m. Its shore length is is over 23 km.

Delicate sand and whetstone coast, the soft wave and it is very convenient to have boat adventure. Also it is enthusiastic to swimming, having sunbath, horse and camel ridding and hiking.

It is ideal home of the various species of birds and fishes. Pike, catfish, barscharten are common. From the birds cranes, ducks, swan goose and white spoonbill and dalmatian pelican come end of April.


Senset at the Lake

Fishing is most common activity in here

The lake

Nomads family near the lake