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Gobi. In 1991, the United Nations designated the Gobi as the fourth largest biosphere reserve in the world.

The Gobi is vast. It covers almost a third of Mongolia and though it is classified as a desert, it is not as lifeless as the first time visitor might reasonably expect. While it is an arid area of largely homogenous scrubby steppe, it is dotted with camel breeders and some fascinating natural wonders. Did you know that the Gobi is the coldest desert in the world? When someone says "desert", most of us conjure up images of camels, dried and bleached animal bones, or perhaps a person dragging along the desert floor, hoping and praying for the oasis in their mirage to be real. Whatever the vision, it almost always includes sand and heat. Lots of scorching heat. You might be surprised then to learn that it snows in some deserts.

Imagine yourself on one of our Gobi trips, standing in front of the Flaming Cliffs as it gazes across the Gobi desert. Once a huge inland sea, this area held some of the best fossil finds the world has known. Relaxed walking tour to the steep sided Eagle Valley Canyon and sees the Gobi Glacier. Drive to Khongor Els and walk on the towering sand dunes.