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Baga Gazar Rocks

Baga Gazryn Chuluu (Small Land Stones) is located in middle part of Gobi desert and it is a null granite rock distinct formation and mountain.    

It is located 37 km north of Delgertsogt sub-provincial center of Dundgobi province and surrounded by plateau landscape and 1765 m above sea level. There is many small springs in rainy season in stone mountains and ancient burial sites, rock drawings and monuments. Also, there is some interesting places for tourists such as a mountain mouth with aspen threes named Södötiin am which has a ruin of a Buddhist temple, Jargalantyn agui (Jargalant Cave), Eye miniral water, Takhilgyn khavtsal (Sacrifice Canyon), Ger khad (Ger like rock formation), a burial site of Huns period. 

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Tourist camps: Erdene Ukhaa TC