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Khamar Monastery

The Khamar Monastery was established by educator, poet and noble monk Danzanravjaa in 1820. He chose the site of the monastery believing the surrounding area radiated with a spiritual energy fostered by the Gobi desert. But the monastery was completely destroyed by communist purges in 1937. Rebuilding efforts still continued from 1992 and got large success. Current series of monasteries was built in recent years. Mongolians believe that the site is energy center and often visit there for taking energy from the ground. There, we will see 108 Caves, real dinosaur skeleton on the ground and petrified threes of Jurassic Period respectively. 

World energy center

Energy center view from drone

energy center khamar monastery

Khamar Monastery Area

main temple of the monastery 

meditation caves at Khamar Monastery area 

petrified trees at Khamar Monastery area

small sand dune at Khamar Monastery area

Khar Mountain