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Sevrei Rock Painting

Sevrei rock drawings (Gap of Inscribed Rock), situated in the Khatan Sevrei mountain, has one of the world's greatest collections of prehistoric petroglyphs – figures carved in the rock over a period of 5,000 years and depicting themes connected with animal husbandry, navigation, war and magic. It is home to the greatest complex of rock drawings in Asia, with approximately 1,000 petroglyphs drawn by members of the Hunnu people and other tribes of Nomadic empires on hundreds of exposed rocks dating from the 3000 BCE to the 8th century; cosmological, figurative, and cartographic motifs are featured, in some locations forming monumental hunting and ritual `scenes´. The number, duration and variety of the engravings, representing for example navigation, dance, war and ploughing and their relationship with contemporary archaeological sites, contribute to the exceptional value of this assemblage. The rock drawings of Sevrei constitute an extraordinary figurative documentation of prehistoric customs and mentality. The systematic interpretation, typological classification, and the chronological study of these configurations in stone have brought about a considerable contribution to the fields of prehistory, sociology and ethnology.