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Zulganai Oasis

The oasis, Zulganali, view is that the golden sand dunes with small lake it's inside are surrounded by bright green meadows, colorful flowers are growing in the meadow, tall bushes are playing with their leaves in the Gobi wind. It locates approximately 40km far away from the north of Khermentsav in Gurvantes soum of Umnugobi province. The Zulganai river takes it’s its source from the West Mountain of Altan flows to the west 20km and dissolves into the sand. It is very difficult to believe that Gobi desert houses so magnificent small oasis in so hottest summer days.  You will have a chance to see the migrating birds in the small lake and camels trekking on sand dunes at the same time in one place. The nature view will show the Gobi desert attractive wildlife.