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Khuvsgul Lake

Most popular tourist site. About midway along border between Siberian Russia and Mongolia, in a gigantic stone bowl nearly 110km long and almost 40km wide, lies 3% of the all the fresh water on earth-Lake Khusgul.

Northern Mongolian travel boast two of Northern Mongolia's most impressive spots, Khuvsgul Lake and Darkhad depression. A slice of paradise right in our doorstep, Khuvsgul Lake N.P offers a kaleidoscope of attractions and activities. Once you step afoot the shore of the huge lake , be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the lush greenery asps pine arch black forest, with exciting attractions that will certainly blow you away! It’s a themed attraction, Siberian resort, Nature Park and heritage center all rolled into one! 

On the merits of magnitude alone the lake is renowned as one of the earth's one of the most impressive natural wonders. What fewer people realize, however, is that Khuvsgul's majestic expanse is situated in a region of surpassing beauty, its forested shores surmounted by the jagged, snow-clad peaks of the Khoridol Saridag mountains. In the winter Khuvsgul freezes over, with ice so thick that the oil tracks was briefly run over its surface. In the summer, its crystalline blue waters are transparent to a depth of 10 meters, and its shores are ringed with the brilliant colors of seasonal wildflowers. Boat tours offered during the warm months are one of the best ways to gain an introduction to the lake, as is hiking amongst the forests and streams of Khuvsgul's parks. The lake region is home to an enormous variety of plants and animals.

Lake Khuvsgul long ago became famous for the purity of its waters and surrounding shores, a pristine state that had been seriously threatened by the growing influx tourists in recent years. Since 1990s Lake Khuvsgul and the entire surrounding area have been designated as a national park, and Khuvsgul is today a naturalist's paradise and an idyllic holiday destination. With fine beaches, excellent hiking and pleasure boating, Khuvsgul is well-positioned to become one of the most attractive vacation spots in Asia. The word “Khuvsgul” came from Turk language. The word "Khuv" means "Blue" and "gul" means "lake". So "Khuvsgul" originally means "Blue lake". The lake is so huge and enormous that locals call it "mother sea". Peoples through over the centuries prayed to the lake and believed in its power. You can still see at the lake the unique trees with blue silk scarf that gone hundreds years ago.

it is one of the most spectacular and unspoiled places on earth, which attracts tourists, is lake Khuvsgul, the deepest lake in the Mongolia. This lake is considered to have the purest and most tasteful water known to man. The water in the lake is so clean and clear that one can easily catch sight of fish some 20 meters down (120 feet). There is a legend, which tourists enjoy, that a boater lost his watch to the lake which can still be seen on the bottom.

There are thousands of lakes on this planet but we are speaking of no ordinary lake, but rather about one of nature's miracles. One of the few unique places left of unspoiled beauty.When standing on the top of any of the mountains surrounding Lake Khuvsgul, the view affords you breathtaking scenery, especially the blue mirror of water that stretches as far as the eye can see.

This wondrous lake reflects the azure of the sky and the billowy white of the clouds. The view is so spectacular that one could not even imagine it in one's wildest dreams. The lake and the entire surrounding area is truly a paradise for tourists and an ideal area for engaging in an array of outdoor pursuits, including hiking, skiing, nature photography, climbing, and whitewater sports.

Khuvsgul is one of the most attractive vacation spots in all of Asia; a place where people can reach out and feel the synergy of Mother Nature as well as enjoy the majestic and unearthly beauty. It is a place where you can sit back and relax, listening to the soothing music caused by the waves lapping on the shore or swim in the crystal-clear water. Nowhere else will you feel so much at one with the nature. TGM are invinting you to enjoy vacation of the Blue Pearl of Asia.