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Golden Eagle Winter Festival


Most spectacular customs of the Kazakh people in Western Mongolia is hunting with eagles that are specially trained has been practiced in Central Asia for a thousands of years. Almost 80% of the Eagle Hunters in the world lives in Western part of Mongolia. In every year just after the lunar new year celebration, golden eagle hunters come from Western Mongolia to celebrate the fascinating.  The number of foreign and domestic visitor has been increasing for years and is held twice a year-spring and autumn season in Mongolia. TGM invite you to this spring festival.  Prizes are awarded for speed, agility and accuracy, as well as for the best traditional Kazakh dress, and more. Learn from the ancient tradition and hold golden eagle on your hand.

- Witness with thousand year old ancient tradition 
- 4 days in west part of Mongolia 

What is Golden Eagle Hunting? 

Khazahk nation's Golden eagle hunting is one of the oldest ways of food hunting. Our ancestors in Eurasian steppes mastered eagle hunting several thousand years ago, in the Andronov age. A proof of this fact is Bronze Age petroglyphs. Hunting with birds and hounds has always been considered an art. The actual course of hunting, graceful movements of animals, emotions and passions of the hunters made it a festival. A steppe hunter derived great pleasure from the tandem of a dog and a hunting bird.

Eagle hunting was mainly practiced only in the western regions of Mongolia. Each bird was intended to hunt a particular type of animals. Apart from foxes, golden eagles usually catch corsacs and hares. Strong, rapacious, well-trained eagles proved good for hunting hoofed animals and even wolves. Hawks are used for geese and bustards. Sparrow-hawks are as a rule used for hunting hares while goshawks are used for quails. Falcons and marlins proved to be excellent for hunting smaller birds. In the past, hunting birds were extremely expensive: a good golden eagle could cost 5-6 camels and a falcon cost 1-2 camels.

Eagle hunting season starts with first night frosts and continues from November through February. This schedule was set in olden days because furry animals have the best fur in winter. Falcon and Merlin hunting starts in late September when birds are preparing for migration and lasts until the first snow falls.

As a result of several centuries of selection, people of the region developed a special breed of hounds. Its distinguishing features are an outstanding ability to chase a prey, sharp-sightedness, and speed. Mostly, tazy are used to hunt hares, badgers, marmots, foxes and wolves without guns. Tazy are beautiful, graceful and elegant dogs with a sense of dignity. Tazy can be translated as "clean". Kazakhs of the past maintained a special treatment for these dogs: tazy was designated a special place in a yurt covered with a warm soft cloth and a special felt sack was taken for each hunting to keep the dog warm during hunting. As a legend talks, an excellent tazy was accepted as bride-money estimated at 47 horses.

Hunting with Golden Eagle is one of the most unique features of the Kazakh life. The hunter is named kusbegi or berkutchi. The experience of wild birds training was gained by Kazakh kusbegi by centuries, the secrets were impacted from the father to the son and kept deep secret. At the present time we can meet few people with such name. These masters have innate gift of wild birds training. For hunting they tame falcons, golden eagles and eagles. Names of birds are given depending on their appearance and battle characteristics. The hunting with Golden Eagle are during ten centuries.

Length: 2 days
Area: Around Ulaanbaatar
Type: Group Scheduled Tours
Date: 05 Mar - 06 March, 2018
Difficulty: easier - moderate (No experience necessary. Trips suitable for most ages and abilities)
Distance: driving: 20 km
Group size: min 4pax - max 12pax
Personal Departure: this tour is not possible for personal departure.


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1020 usd for 1pax
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530 usd p.p for 3pax
460 usd p.p for 4pax 

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Detailed Itinerary

05 Mar. Eagle Festival.

We will pick you up from your accommodation & drive to Chingisiin Khuree tourist ger camp. Today you will enjoy full day in the event. Today, opening ceremony and introduction will be started from 10.00 AM and told narration about eagle hunting tradition and history. Then traditional dress show will be held  on the scene and Kazakh hunters display their home made traditional outfits. Before lunch time, the show will continued by Eagle Call competition that tests hunter’s ability to ‘call’ Eagle to their horse from a distance. After lunch time, next event will be emerged on the scene. It is competition for fox skin. It is the real test of a hunter’s ability, Eagles must catch a fox skin dragged behind their trainer’s horse. After breakfast, you will see Kazakh people's some tradition games with horses. These are: Bushkashi - Tug of war played on horseback with goat skin, common throughout Central Asia Kyz Kuar - A race between a man and woman on horseback Tiyn Teru - Riders compete to pick up coins from the ground during the race. Also, simple horse race Lunch time.  Feast dinner and awards ceremony. Then we will drive to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park. Overnight there in the tourist ger camp. 

eagle hunters' parade a kazakh man is riding his horse while he holding his eagle in the right arm eagle is brave animal

06 Mar. Gorkhi-Terelj National Park Tour

After breakfast time, we will drive to Tsonjin Boldog Resort (55 km). 40 m high Genghis Khan’s Horse Statue is believed to be highest equestrian statue in the World. There’s an elevator to observation desk on the top of the horse head. Also, there is 2 museums,  Military Armaments of Huns and Great Mongolian State. Then we will drive to Gorkhi-Terelj National Park (40 km). Situated 70 km northeast of Ulaanbaatar, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is famous for its unique granite rock formations and pristine alpine scenery, and is a popular destination for tourists based in the capital and for Mongolians on weekend trips. It offers great opportunities for hiking, horse-riding, rafting and rock climbing. A 2 of hours is all you will need to enjoy the most breathe-taking views that no other horse stable in the Gorkhi river area can offer you! Nature lovers, horse lovers, young people or not so young, this trip is for everyone! This ride will take you back through the Turtle  Rock area to the beautiful sites and sounds of mother nature for a several mile journey up the mountain to view. With no experience required. Then we will make short hike to picturesque lovely meditation Ariyabal Temple which is surrounded by scenic and rocky mountains and sits at middle of the them. Monks performs meditation ritual for many years amongst beautiful and tranquil mountains. It is not old temple. To get to the top, you would cross the suspension bridge and climb up on 108 stairs, according to Buddhist prayer beads. In the afternoon, you will have time to relax and enjoy the natural surroundings. In the evening we will drive back to Ulaanbaatar city (60 km) and you will transferred to your accommodation.

Holding steppe vulture on the hand   an hour horse ride is fun in Terelj  winter view of the Turtle Rock at the national park


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