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International Shuttle Bus Ticket Booking

There is 2 destinations, Erlian, China and Ulaan-Üüd, Russia, for international shuttle bus service. The bus runs from 07:30 in everyday.   

Zamyn-Üüd is bordor town in Mongolia-China border on the trans Mongolian railway. Erlian is Chinese side border town and also located on trans China railway. Between those towns, shuttle buses operate border crossing and immigration service. Food crossing is not allowed in Mongolia and Chinese border (also Mongolia and Russian border too). The borders are open every day except holidays. 

If you are going to go to Ulaan-Üüd (Ulan-Ude), Russia, bus is might be the one of the most convenient form of public transport from Ulaanbaatar. There is also train option directly to go to Irkutsk which is located other side of Baikal Lake. Bus departs at 7.30am, and driving lasts 9-10 hours. Buses leave from outside the Discovery Mongolia Information Centre and contrast, an Ulaan-Üüd bus departs also at 07:30 for Ulaanbaatar, leaving from the Hotel Baikal in Ulan Ude. 

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Timetable (From Ulaanbaatar) Timetable (From local place to Ulaanbaatar)

Zamyn-Üüd - Erlian, China

Erlian, China



13:00 - 15:00


Ulaanbaatar - Ulaan-Üüd, Russia

Kyakhta, Russia




Gusino Ozersk, Russia


Ulaan-Üüd, Russia


* Bus from Erlian to Zamyn-Üüd leaves from Erlian at 13:30 and several other buses later in the afternoon around 15:00. The bus station on the corner of Chaha’er Street and Youyi Lu near to the Mongolian Consulate. Taking the 13:30 bus should give you enough time to get on the 17:35 Zamyn-Uud to Ulaanbaatar train.