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The Other Stuff

Once you’ve chosen the biggies – your backpack, tents, cooking/hydration equipment and sleeping bags – here’s some of the accessories that can make or break your comfort and safety on the trail.
This is also the stuff you probably won’t find for rent (there’s a few sale-only items here) at your local retailer. We offer the entire spectrum of gear you need for a pleasant backpacking or camping trip at very economical and practical rates.
Going into bear country? We’ve got you covered. Need a first aid kit and bug repellents? Check. How about a GPS and compass to stay on track? That’s right, get it here, folks.
Browse around, learn what each piece of gear can do for you, and add to your basics.


Backpacking Trowel – for backpacking sanitation


Strong enough to dig yourself a “cathole” in even pretty tough ground, but only weighs 2 ounces. About 11” long and 3” wide – wrap in a plastic bag with your TP and keep outside your pack in a mesh compartment or elsewhere away from your food. And when you've done your business, make use of hand cleaner - your partner whose bag of trail mix you dig into will appreciate it.
  Bear Canisters – Animal-Resistant Food Containers

3 Days - $12.00     
7 Days - $17.00     
14 Days - $25.00     
21 Days - $31.00     
1 Month - $36.00    
Bear Canisters – Animal-Resistant Food Containers When traveling in bear country, the number one precaution you can take is keeping your food inaccessible to bears. That is after all, what they are interested in - there’s no research yet that suggests they think we humans taste like chicken, but they definitely like trail mix, energy bars and the other tasty things we tend to carry in our packs. And a little nighttime raid into camp can be the perfect time for a bear to enjoy some of your food if you don’t take precautions.
  Lanterns - for car camping/backpacking

3 Days - $4.00     
7 Days - $7.00     
14 Days - $9.00     
21 Days - $11.00     
1 Month - $12.00    
We have a basic, but quite effective battery operated lantern that is best for car camping where weight is not an issue, and a 3-ounce compact tea light candle (pictured) that would be a better choice for a backpacking trip. These are great for what they are, but we want you to know that neither will cast as bright a glow as a propane-fueled big lantern some campers use. Those are too fragile and impractical for renting.
  Leatherman Squirt P4 Multi-Use Tool

3 Days - $5.00     
7 Days - $10.00     
14 Days - $12.00     
21 Days - $14.00     
1 Month - $16.00    
This is the best thing to have in your pocket when backpacking this side of a bag of M & M’s. Great for digging mud out from under your fingernails; pulling cactus spines out of your tush; cutting wire and all kinds of little projects that pop up when camping. Measuring only 2.25” in length and weighing only 2 ounces, this ultra-compact Leatherman P4 is tough as nails. Tools include needlenose pliers, a straight knife, wire cutters, three screwdrivers, a file, opener and an awl.
  Light – Head-Band Style

3 Days - $5.00     
7 Days - $8.00     
14 Days - $10.00     
21 Days - $11.00     
1 Month - $12.00    
Like computers and sneakers, flashlights have come a long way in the last 20 years. Now you can get strong, hands-free lighting in a tiny package that matches the output of those giant tin-can flashlights you had as a kid.
  Rent a Garmin eTrex handheld GPS - Perfect for basic hiking, Geocaching and Outdoor activity

3 Days - $25.00     
7 Days - $32.00     
14 Days - $35.00     
21 Days - $37.00     
1 Month - $39.00    
You can stay a map-and-compass purist if you want, but looking down at a GPS unit, and within a few seconds knowing exactly where you are, how far it is to the next camp or landmark, how much elevation change you have left, and how much longer it will take is pretty nifty to me. The eTrex is also the easiest to use and is great for group training, company and youth events and geocaching.
  Rent a Universal A/C Travel Adapter & Surge Protector

7 Days - $6.00     
14 Days - $9.00     
21 Days - $11.00     
1 Month - $13.00    
The Plexus Universal Travel Power Adapter is the perfect Companian for people who travel around alot.
This design will work in over 150 Countries Including The UK, Europe, USA, Australia, China, Japan, Thailand, Plus Many More.
  Rent an Unlocked Samsung D900 - World Cell Phone for International Travel

7 Days - $49.00     
14 Days - $69.00     
21 Days - $87.00     
1 Month - $102.00    
Looking for the smart, easy, cost effective way to stay in touch with your business or loved ones while traveling internationally? Here is a step by step solution.
  Telescope - Celestron 10 X 25 Extending Telescope

3 Days - $5.00     
7 Days - $9.00     
14 Days - $12.00    
Look cool as a Sea Captain when you whip out this hand telescope instead of clunky binoculars to see afar. A mere 5 ¼ inches when stored and weighing only 8 ounces, this powerful viewing aid comes from Celestron, a world leader in high-quality telescopes. Made of brass with leatherette trim; doesn’t take up much room in your pack, is more rugged than most binoculars and brings things in the distance up close. Almost too close in some cases I found – it takes some getting used to how powerful this tool is. Twist the telescope section closest to your eye to focus.
  Trekking Poles (Set of 2) – for hiking support and balance

3 Days - $14.00     
7 Days - $19.00     
14 Days - $25.00     
21 Days - $30.00     
1 Month - $33.00    
Most customers think – “I don’t need hiking poles! Those are for older folks with bad knees, not me!” Think again.

Look at it this way, by answering these questions:

Do you ever grab the handrail when going up or down a stairway?

If you step onto the seat of a chair to reach something, do you first grab the back of chair for balance?

Who falls down more – two-legged or four-legged animals?