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Ulaanbaatar - Beijing

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There is 2 trains to go to Beijing from Ulaanbaatar.

- Train #24 of Mongolian Railway train leaves Ulaanbaatar on Thursday and arrives in Beijing on Friday.
- Train #03 of Chinese Railway train leaves Ulaanbaatar on Sunday and arrives in Beijing on Monday.


 Railway Station
States  Arr.  Dep. Time Zone Distance (km)
 Ulaanbaatar   Mongolia   07:15 +8  
 Choir 11:33 11:53 247
 Sainshand 15:06 15:43  474
 Zamyn-Uud 19:30 20:35  709
 Erlian   China 21:00 00:57  715
 Jinin 05:47 05:56  1074
 Datung 07:59 08:11  1174
 Beijing 14:04    1548
Ticket prices:
The prices, shown in the table, are cost prices of issuing railways. 
  Railway Station
  Railways  Classes
 2/4  1/4  1/2
 Erlian  Mongolian Railway  84,050    126,350
 Chinese Railway  80,050 111,650  131,350
 Jinin  Mongolian Railway  109,250    166,750
 Chinese Railway  106,350  149,850  178,050
 Datun  Mongolian Railway  115,150    175,550
 Chinese Railway  113,250  160,250  188,450
 Beijing  Mongolian Railway  131,050    200,850
 Chinese Railway  130,050  184,550  217,750
2/4 - second class cabin with 4 berths
1/4 - first class cabin with 4 berths (only available in Chinese Railway)
1/2 - first class cabin with 2 berths  
- All rates are in shown by MNT (Mongolian Tugrik). Please check exchange rate: http://www.golomtbank.com/en/home/rates  
- The rates are only for adult and please ask us the child prices. 


- Please send us your passport copy with the confirmed date to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Passenger’s valid passport and visa to the destination are required, and a transit visa may also be required if the train travels through more than two countries. 

- Please be aware that bank transaction charge 4% of total amount will be added on the ticket prices when you are paying via our online payment system. Also, after a cancellation, bank charge must be covered by receiver (you) of that transaction. We accept Master and Visa cards.

- TGM service charge is 15 usd for per ticket booking. 10 usd per tickets will be applied to each cancellation and change date.

- Cancellation and change date charges are follow the regulation of railways. 

- There is no e-tickets and customers must collect the paper tickets from our office by themselves before boarding. TGM is able to deliver the paper ticket to your location but it is subject to charge.