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Visa Related Services

Invitation Letter

When you apply Mongolian visa, you will need an Invitation letter for visa application. This page is for proceed of how to apply or get the invitation letter.  

First of all, invitation letter will not issued directly to you. Your invitation letter must be issued from your travel agent (fully licensed) of Mongolia and then issued IL must be submitted to Consuls Department of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Ulaanbaatar. After successfully submitting, the Consuls Department will fax it to the embassy or consular mission that you will apply your visa. Then you have to right to apply your visa to the them. Normally whole process takes 3 business days. 

For your agency, following documents need from you: 

- Your passport copy with expire date page. (no need notarized)
- Your enter date and leave date.
- Where you will apply visa? 
- Your job.

Your travel agency must apply following documents to Consuls Department 

- Your passport copy with expire date page. 
- The company's official letter mentioned your travel purpose and your travel itinerary with you enter date and leave date.
- Bank slip copy of service fee of Consuls Department. Service fee is 15000 mnt (approx. 11 usd) per invitation letter. 
- Copy of your travel agency license. 
- Online filled application form 

Term & Condition:

TGM is able to provide invitation letter issuing service and its service charge is 20 usd per invitation letter (including Government charge). One invitation letter could be for any number of traveler. For urgent concert, the service fee is 50 usd per invitation letter (including Government charge). All of service fees are not refundable.

Visa on Arrival - Single entry visas (J and B) are available on arrival at Chinggis Khaan (Ulaanbaatar) Airport.

This service is only intended for travelers who cannot normally obtain a visa at their country or originating point which do not have Mongolian Embassy or Consulate. The Mongolian Immigration Office requests that travelers wishing to obtain a visa on arrival should send in advance to the travel agent following documents. 

1. Passport copy with the page of password expire date
2. Arrival and departure flight information (e-ticket)

Then, we will issue following documents to the Immigration Office.

3. Company official letter addressed to Immigration Office 
4. Company registration license
5. Travel agency or tour operator license
6. Official letter issued from Taxation Office 
7. Bank slip copy for the service fee

This whole proceed will take at least 3 working days after we receive your Password copy and Flight information. 

The applicant who is taking our service Visa on arrival have to pay 50.00 usd to our company p.p including service fee of Immigration Office in advance via online. Following link is the. We accept only international Master and Visa cards.