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Our team

Sain baina uu? (Meaning Hello) Greeting from Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar. We are a smaller, flexible and highly experienced team, confident in arranging the most demanding land arrangements, offering very competitive pricing and consistently high levels of service.

Ganzorig Tsogtoo - Owner & sales manager. He established this travel company with his 2 other friends in 2005. But 2010, the team shifted for working in Energy resources, one of the huge mining company. And then 2 other friends left the company and tourism sector forever and continuing work in mining companies and trading companies. But Ganzo (his short name) decided to continue for running this company because the company already has its market value. But most important thing is that the company already built a team and he do not want to leave the his colleagues. He graduated tour manager and teacher for Geography of Mongolian Teacher's State University in 2002. When he was in high school , he won several medallion from Geography Olympiad of different level and most successful one is silver medallion from State Olympiad of Geography in 1998. He was born in North Mongolia, Mörön town. He over 30 years old. He married and has 2 children.

Odbayar Erdenbaatar - accountant & manager. Her profession was teacher of Japanese language but she never work this field. She like to travel and when she was working in a tourist camp at Khorgo-Terkh National Park, she met with Ganzo and then decided to joined to the TGM team and working with us. Later, in 2012, she graduated Accountant class of Magic Choice school and became accountant of the company. Odnoo (short name) usually charge bookings flight tickets, tourist camp and hotel etc. She is nearly 30 years old. Married and has 2 children. She was born in Ulaanbaatar.  

Zolbayar Zorigt - Web site developer. Before Zolbayar Zorigt joined the TGM team, our web site developer was a different boy. He is friend of Ganzo and he graduated Mongolian Technician State University. He was born in Baganuur district of Ulaanbaatar. Baganuur is located nearly 120 km east of Ulaanbaatar. He married and has 2 children. He is 25 years old.

Gan-Erdene Tsogtoo - Designer. He charges creating advertisement design, brochure and name card etc all business brand oriented items. He is excellent ability working on Adobe Photoshop and other related software. 25 years old.

Gan-Erdene Yolchinsenge  - adviser and tour guide, driver. He is one of the pioneers guide and staff in Mongolian tourism sector. He joined in our team from 2011. When the company received a group bikers from Singapore, Ganzo needs a biking experienced tour guide and he found him by advise of one of the his friend. Then Ganzo and Gana started their friendship and traveled together and do together. Gana is most experienced tour guide and manager in Mongolia and he have been working in several well known tour companies. Gana has a reliable Toyota Land Cruiser. I think that he could not be without traveling in Mongolia. He is natural lover. Actually, he has a his own tour company. He is nearly 40 years old.

Zaya - Field cook: Zaya is relative of Odnoo and she just recently joined to our team. The company organized various field outdoor trips specially to go Gobi desert deep part and food service is very important. Sometimes keeping food stuffs in Gobi hot air and it requires some skills of our cooks. Also, deep part of Khentii mountain Zaya went with our customers and serves very nice meals. We always receives good or best mark in food service questionnaire on our Customer Comment Page.   

Also, our team consisted of guides and drivers sub teams and I hope that they are experienced and helpful staffs. Sometimes we receive some complain about our service we we try to solve them as soon as possible. But some traveler relieve their complain when they returned to their country and we cannot solve it and judge them.

Our drivers: Baldannyam, Bat-Erdene, Denzen and more...

Our guides: Batzorig, Tuyaa and more...

I look forward that this brief information of our team gives you some information and hear you soon.