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Border & Ulaanbaatar

Our company offers some travel routes that are starts from border towns and finishes in Ulaanbaatar or starts from Ulaanbaatar and finishes in border towns. Please see the small maps of below travel itineraries. This tour routes enable saving costs and time.


 (3 days) Ulaanbaatar - Khamar Monastery - Zamyn-Uud
 (6 days) Ulaanbaatar - East Gobi - Zamyn-Uud
 (8 days) Altanbulag - Central Mongolia - Gobi - Ulaanbaatar
 (8 days) Zamyn-Uud - Gobi Desert - Ulaanbaatar
(8 days) Zamyn-Uud - Ulaanbaatar - Altanbulag