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Central Mongolian Multi-Activity Tour

- Discover Erdene Zuu, built from the rubble of Genghis Khan's capital
- Orkhon Waterfall, home of yaks and visit to yak herder family
- Stay in open bath of Tsenkher Hot Spring and take rest
- Try fishing at small beautiful Ugii Lake

This 6 days tour has many activities such as horse ride, see erupted volcano, boating on the lake and fishing, stay in hot spring for relaxing, hiking through black forest etc. Centrel Mongolia is home of different variety of activities. Also most of the drivers on the paved road so it is easy ride.

Length: 6 days
Private Package Tour
 Central Mongolia
Potential dates and weather condition: from May to October, each year.
Difficulty: easier - moderate (No experience necessary. Trips suitable for most ages and abilities) 
Distance: driving: 1425 km

Day1. Karakorum
Day2. Tuvkhun Monastery & Orkhon Waterfall
Day3. Tsenkher Hot Spring
Day4. Khorgo-Terkh National Park
Day5. Ugii Lake
Day6. Back to UB


Standard Arrangement (tourist ger camp)
1570 USD for 1pax
960 USD p.p for 2pax
760 USD p.p for 3pax
660 USD p.p for 4pax
610 USD p.p for 5pax
570 USD p.p for 6pax
Single supplement: 100 usd
5 nights in Tourist Ger Camp, food service, land transportation, English speaking guide service, mineral water, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance
Budget Arrangement (local ger guesthouse)
1110 USD for 1pax
610 USD p.p for 2pax
440 USD p.p for 3pax
360 USD p.p for 4pax
310 USD p.p for 5pax
280 USD p.p for 6pax
Included: 5 nights in Local Ger Guesthouse, land transportation, English speaking guide service, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: food service, sleeping bag, gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance

Child policy: 0 - 3 years old baby free of charge, 4 - 12 years old child: 30% discount (counted as 1pax)
Group policy: Up from 6pax please see our Group Service
Discount policy: We always try to lower the our service prices by looking better solution for our customers. Here is several Discounts you can save until 10% that we can do on our best for our customers.

Detailed Itinerary

Day1. Karakorum - Genghis Khaan's capital city

pick you up from your accommodation - drive to Karakorum /365 km/ - half day Karakorum tour: Erdene Zuu Monastery, Karakorum Museum and Karakorum Open Museum and more... - dinner time - overnight there

Karakorum, the capital of Great Mongolian State where today there is a small local township. In the history, the city of Karakorum was founded in 1220 in Orkhon River Valley by order of Genghis Khan and after collapsing of Yuan dynasty of Khuvilai Khan Min state’s invaders sacked the city and massacred its inhabitants in 1388 and ruined it.

Day2. Tuvkhun Monastery - hiking in the forest & Orkhon Waterfall

breakfast time - drive to Tuvkhun Monastery /65 km/ - hike through black forest and explore the monastery - lunch time - drive to Orkhon Waterfall /54 km/ - horseback riding - dinner time - overnight there

Over 25 m high and 10 m wide Orkhon Waterfall is the biggest waterfall in the country and one of the most attractive destination in Orkhon River valley, UNISCO World heritage site. The surrounding areas of the waterfall was formed by volcanic activities dated back approximately 20,000 years and covered by over 10 m thick lava layer.

Day3. Tsenkher Hot Spring

breakfast time - drive to Tsenkher Hot Spring /95 km/ - lunch time - hike through Tsenkher River Valley - take rest - dinner time - relax in open bath - overnight in tourist ger camp

Tsenkher's abundant therapeutic natural hot spring, flows out from the ground at +86°c, have been identified as amongst the best in the Mongolia in terms of healing qualities, radio energy & temperature variance & water supply, and are particularly effective in treating a multitude of ailments and skin diseases because they can accommodate many different forms/strengths of therapy.

Day4. Khorgo-Terkh National Park - horse trek

breakfast time → drive to National Park Khorgo-Terkh /212 km/ → see picturesque River Canyon Chuluutyn khavtsal (Canyon of Rocks) -  lunch time → horseback riding /3 hours/ → climb up to Extinct Volcano Khorgo → dinner time → overnight in there

The volcano erupted in the Quaternary Period and its lava closed the water stream of a river and result of this meeting has created a truly incredible landscape, Khorgo Extinct Volcano and Terkh Lake, large placid lake is ringed by sandy beaches. There is a number of rock formations of erupted several volcanoes and circuit gorges with fast flowing rivers and cascades. We will climb up to the top of the volcano and walk around there.

Day5. Ugii Lake - fishing

breakfast time → drive to Tsetserleg town /184 km/ → continue drive to Null Rock Taikhar chuluu → lunch time → visit to local food market → drive to Ugii Lake /125 km/ → boating & fishing on the lake /2 hours/ - dinner time → overnight there

Lake Ugii is nearest lake to Ulaanbaatar capital city. It is also called a paradise for fishers and located in the territory of Arkhangai province, the central part Mongolia. Tough this small lake covers area of only 27 km.sq, it is the main destination for fishers and boating adventurers. If you want we can do some boating experience and fishing there!

Day6. Khustai National Park - wild horses and back to Ulaanbaatar

breakfast time - drive to Ulaanbaatar /324 km/ - transfer you your booked accommodation - end

National Park Khustai where re-introduction of the wild takhi horses (Przhevalsky's horses) has taken place since 1992. Takhi is last wild horse subspecies surviving in the 21st century. It was discovered in western Mongolia in the late 1870s by the Russian explorer N.M. Przhevalsky.

How to book this tour?

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  • Above prices are changeable by changing components (kind of services) of the itinerary.
  • This is a private tour and you or your travel buddies will be in the tour.
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  • In the budget arrangement, you have to bring your own sleeping bag. If you like you can hire it from us.

Customers' FAQ:

Why food was not included in the Budget Arrangement and is it easy to get food there? 
You can buy meals from local ger guesthouses by paying only 2 or 3 usd per meal. There is plenty of food shops on the way when you are touring. You can carry your own food from UB. It is nice you eat our own breakfast and then buy meals for lunch and dinner. Meals will be basic and usually cooked Mongolian traditional or Russian styled foods. Or you can get basic free kitchen belonings from us and cook yourself.

I want to join to another group. Is it possible?
Yes it is possible, if we have a group fitted date and same tour. Check it with us. We understand people want to share cost by joining another tours. But shorter tours (under 8 -10 days) are not often possible for join-in. If there is no tour you can join, you can post your tour in our Join-In Or Build Group section for collecting some travel other travel buddies. Usually longer tours (vacation kind of) tours are available for join and you can see our Group Scheduled Tours.

How long have you been in business?
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