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Mongolia Trekking

- Great hiking through Chinggis Khaan's birth place
- Great journey through most famous part of untouched Mongolia

With this tour, you will be hiking through the wild green-forests & granitic rocky mountains of Khan Khentii – the 3rd biggest mountain system in Mongolia. Also, you will visit a nomadic horse herders’ family and can drink mare’s fermented milk (airag) and eat ‘Khorkhog’ picnic dinner that is cooked with steam, using hot rocks. Then you will be introduced to the lifestyle of the nomads. This land around Gorkhi-Terekj National Park, is truly idyllic and perfect for unwinding and letting go of the stresses and strains that life can create. Many nomadic families prepare harvest & hay for their livestock here. Also, you will be able to pick bilberries, barberries and wild strawberries if you travel there in August.

Length: 5 days
 East Mongolia
Potential date and weather condition: from mid of June to mid of Sept, each year.
Daily mileage: 20-25 km on gently rolling terrain Total hiking distance: driving: 150 km, hiking: 60-70 km
Difficulty: moderate (The trip suitable for younger and experienced hikers)

Day1. Chinggis Khaan’s Grand Statue and Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.
Day2. Trekking to Gunj monastery ruin.
Day3. Trekking through Zuun Bayan Mountain valley.
Day4. Trekking along Tuul river
Day5. Back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Day1. Chinggis Khaan’s Grand Statue and Gorkhi-Terelj National Park.

We will pick you up from your accommodation in early morning before start the traffic jam. Then we will be drive to Tsonjin Boldog National Resorts which is attracted by Chinggis Khaan’s Grand statue. We will be on the back of horse of the statue by elevator and see picturesque open valley with River Tuul. Then we will drive to Gorkhi-Terelj National park. After lunch time, you will help head the migration and will ride in the mountains and valleys on horseback for 10-15 km. You will be impressed at the strength of these small but sturdy Mongolian horses. (You will be accompanied by local horsemen, your guide.) In the night you can see sharp stars in clear sky of Mongolia. As well, you will enjoy Mongolian silent country and nomads' daily life.

Day2. Trekking to Gunj monastery ruin.

After breakfast, we partake in a day hike outing, exploring the mountains in the immediate area. This light-duty jaunt with near empty packs helps to familiarize everyone with tundra walking and acts as a good introduction to the surface you'll be walking over in the next three days. You'll be delighted to see the variety and vivid colored wildflowers growing in some sparse looking country. If we're lucky we'll see a wild beer, deer or maybe a moose. This is very rugged country and their home. This monastery was built in around late of 1600. At this time was a hard time in Mongolia history and Manchu’s greatest emperor Kanxi was tooking the power of all China. Manchu had been trying to occupy Outher Mongolia (present time as Mongolia) and Oirots (West Mongolians) but still that time Mongols. Kangxi sent his own daughter for marry with one of the khan of Mongolia as secret agent.
Day3. Trekking through Zuun Bayan Mountain village.

We head up and over a notch in the chain of mountains in front of us. The descent is tricky and we travel cautiously. At the base is a bubbly creek with delicious water and home to a few pair of Rosy finches and some beautiful wildflowers. This day we'll make about 5 miles including two descents of 3 to 4 hundred feet each. Our camp is set up in a large bowl on the shore of another pristine lake near the crown of the mountains.

Day4. Trekking.

Lazy morning, our last day in the high alpine area of the trek. We climb over a rolling ridge and head through a long pass and a slow descent into the upper "river" region of our route. Views of the Mongolia Mountain Range and Terelj Mountains are superb and fantastic. This leg of the trek spans an area excellent for viewing wildlife. Today you return to Gorkhi-Terelj N.P through the Dund Bayan valley. 
Day5. Back to Ulaanbaatar city.

Our luggage, food and equipment will be loaded onto our pack horses and you will meet up again with our vehicles after about six hours of hiking. After dinner at Terelj National Park, we will drive to Ulaanbaatar city and after arrive in our booked accommodation, we will have some free time, shopping cashmere products and in the evening, a national folk-song and dance concert will be organized in honor of your visit.


We offer 2 options for the price. Please carefully check what is include and what is not include in the prices!

STANDARD (tourist ger camp) ARRANGEMENT

Leave All Matters With Us! First one is standard arrangement and you will stay in 3 or 4 star tourist hotels in urban area and tourist camp in rural area and will be served 3 meals in a day and use Japanese Jeep etc.

1030 USD (for on solo traveler) 
610 USD p.p (based on 2pax) 
460 USD p.p (based on 3pax) 
390 USD p.p (based on 4pax) 
340 USD p.p (based on 5pax) 
320 USD p.p (based on 6pax) Up from 6pax please see our group service

Single Supplement: 40 usd

Included: 5 nights in tourist ger camp, food service, land transportation, English speaking guide service, mineral water, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance


Save Your Money In Easy and Happy Way! About budget arrangement, it is good way to save your money. You will stay in local guest house or hostels and you will arrange your food yourself and will use Japanese minivan for driving. But you will see same things just like standard arrangement.

760 USD (for solo traveler)
440 USD p.p (based on 2pax) 
320 USD p.p (based on 3pax) 
260 USD p.p (based on 4pax) 
220 USD p.p (based on 5pax) 
190 USD p.p (based on 6pax) Up from 6pax please see our group service

Included: 5 nights in local ger guesthouse, land transportation, English speaking guide service, mineral water, all entrance fees and Government charges, all activities costs
Not included: RT domestic flight, food service, gratuities for staffs, personal expenses, travel insurance

Child Policy: 0 - 3 years old baby free of charge, 4 - 12 years old child: 30% discount (counted as 1pax)

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  • Above prices are changeable by changing components (kind of services) of the itinerary!