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- Enjoy nomads history and their culture in Ulaanbaatar
- Hike around null granite mountains of Baga gazryn chuluu
- Ride sturdy steppe horses through narrow valley of Yolyn am and see ice glaciers in Gobi during mid of summer

- Explore the Gobi Desert, ride 2 humped camel at Khongor sand dunes
- See most famous dinosaur sites of the World, Bayanzag
- Feel being on moon surface and see and witness strangely featured place of Ongi monastery ruins
- Visit the home of a nomadic family in the Mongolian steppe
- Discover Erdene Zuu, built from the rubble of Genghis Khan's capital Karakorum 

 Southern Mongolia, Gobi desert
Climate & Potential date:
from early of May to end of September, each year
9 days/8 night
Total distance: 1750 km
Price: from 350 USD p.p
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Top destination: Khongor Sand dune - Booming dune. The accumulation of windblown sand marks the beginning of one of nature's most interesting and beautiful phenomena. The direction and velocity of winds, in addition to the local supply of sand, result in a variety of dune shapes and sizes. Picturesque Khongor Sand dunes against a sky of blue or a full moon, with perfectly contoured shadows of ripples and undulating crests, have always been a favorite subject of photographers. Depending upon one's particular situation, sand dunes can be one of the most incredibly beautiful, thrilling, eerie, treacherous or just plain inhospitable places on earth. The Khongor Sand dunes range from 20 to 25km in width, nearly 100km long, with crests rising 80 to 300m above the surrounding landscape. Some of the earliest references about "acoustical" dunes are found in Chinese and Midwestern chronicles dating back more than 1500 years. Marco Polo described weird sounds on a journey through the Gobi Desert. One of the best places to observe booming dunes in the southern Mongolia is Khongor Sand dunes. The sounds have been variously described as singing, whistling, squeaking, roaring and booming. To stand before an enormous, gleaming white sand dune and realize that all of this was once an ancient lake bed or coastal plain is quite astonishing. The incredible roaring sounds of distant dunes is an unforgettable experience, particularly during the quiet hours of darkness and daybreak. Starting with the wind and tumbling particles of sand and culminating in picturesque drifts of rippled sand with an entire, dynamic, living community of plants and animals; this is one of nature's most remarkable cycles, and it is truly a phenomenon of wind.
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Trip summery:

Baga gazryn chuluu (Small land stone)
Day2. Yolyn am (Eagle valley)
Day3. Khongoryn els (Khongor sand dune or Singing sands)
Day4. Bayanzag (Flaming cliffs)
Day5. Ongiin khiid (Ongi monastery ruins)
Day6. Karakorum & Erdene zuu
Day7. Elsen tasarkhai (Piece of sand) & Khögnö khaan uul and Ulaanbaatar

Detailed itinerary:
Day1. Drive to Middle Gobi province (260km)
After breakfast in our HTL, we will leave for the Mongolian countryside. The first stop on the Gobi trip list is Baga Gazriin Chuluu (more commonly known as the Small Stones of Middle Gobi). It is granite formation in the middle of the Mongolian Sandy plane. At the food of the formation we will visit the remains of a small monastery named Delgeriin Choir.

Day2. Drive to South Gobi province (330km), drive to Yoliin Am(60km)
Early morning, we will drive to Umnugobi province and will drive you to the valley of Yolyn Am. The valley begins from Zuun Saikhan Mountain, a branch of the Gurvan Saikhan mountain system, and stretches over 10 km. It is completely shaded from the sun in some parts by high cliff walls. You will walk through the valley which is famous for the fact that there is ice present there even during the hot summer months. The beauty of the valley, combined with the sound of vultures (Yol means vulture, in Mongolian) creates an atmosphere of awe and wonder – this is an experience not to be missed!

Day3. Drive to Khongoriin Els Sand Dunes (200 km)
Today we drive to Khongor sand dunes that extend along the northern side of Sevrei and Zoolun mountain ranges for 180 km, get to ger camp, explore the area, climbing up the Singing Dunes. They extend for 185 kilometers and include dunes that can reach 20 meters in height. The sound produced by the masses of moving sand can be heard from afar, and when it occurs, it is said that it can be mistaken for the sound of an aero plane. Hence their name is 'singing sands', or 'musical sands'. Near Hongor Gol (Hongor River) at the northern edge of the dunes, there is an oasis. We will be riding on camels today to explore these massive sand-dunes. The two-humped camels are very comfortable to ride, as they walk slowly and gently and we will be well supported by the humps, sitting comfortably between them. Our camel man will take us to the sand-dunes. We will stay overnight in a tourist camp close to the dunes.

Day4. Hiking over the sand dunes, drive to Bayanzag (120 km)
The sand dunes, which stand 800 meters above sea level, continue for over 100 km, and are about 20 km wide, making them the largest distribution of sand dunes in Mongolia. After lunch, continue the drive towards Bayanzag, a saxual forest and area of red cliffs “Bayanzag” which have been formed from the erosion of the sand and rock over many thousands of years. A lot of dinosaurs’ findings such as skeleton & dinosaur’ eggs have been found there. American zoologist Roy Chapman Andrews named this place as “End of the World”. As scientists defined it was an inland sea bottom some 200 million years ago. There, we will visit local dinosaur museum. The Flaming Cliffs themselves are very imposing from a distance, and are particularly fiery in the light of the setting sun, and it is an interesting place to wander about to get a closer look at one of the world’s most famous palaeontlogical sites.

Day5. Drive to Middle Gobi province, Ongi monastery ruin. (180km)
After breakfast, we will head to Saikhan Ovoo, a small village in the Middle Gobi province. During the way visit the mountainside remains of the Ongiin Monastery, which now has a small number of novices after years of turmoil. There we will enjoy the peace and beauty of the Delger Khangai Mountains. We will explore the ruins of of Ongi Monastery.

Day6. Drive to Karakorum, (250 km) visit monastery of Erdene-Zuu
After breakfast we will drive to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Mongolia where today there is a small local township. On arrival you will notice the first and most obvious landmark which is the massive wall of the Erdene Zuu Monastery. The monastery was built in 1586 by a well-known Mongolian king called Abtai Sain Khaan, and is surrounded by a vast 400m wall. Not a single nail was used in the construction of the ornate temples, only a few of which remain standing after the communist purges. In previous times the grounds held over 60 temples with 10,000 monks using them for their daily worship. We will visit there after lunch. 

Day7. National Park Mountain Khugnu Khaan, natural beauty Elsen Tasarkhai and Ulaanbaatar city (350 KM)
After breakfast we will drive to natural beauty of central Mongolia, Elsen Tasarkhai and Khungu Khaan historical mountains. After arrive there you will have free time and hiking around the small and picturesque sand dunes. Our lunch will be in pic nic and after noon we will be reached in the city. Transfer to your accommodation. Free time for making shopping and others. 

Price range:

Our company offer 2 kind of prices based on customers' specific request and budget for the travel itinerary.

Leave All Matters With Us! First one is standard arrangement and you will stay in 3 or 4 star tourist hotels in urban area and tourist camp in rural area and will be served 3 meals in a day and use Japanese Jeep etc.

Save Your Money In Easy and Happy Way! About budget arrangement, it is good way to save your money. You will stay in local guest house or hostels and you will arrange your food yourself and will use Japanese minivan for driving. But you will see same things just like standard arrangement.

Please carefully check what is include and what is not include in these prices!






2050 USD p.p (based on single person)
1290 USD p.p (based on 2pax)
1030 USD p.p (based on 3pax)
900 USD p.p (based on 4pax)
810 USD p.p (based on 5pax)
750 USD p.p (based on 6pax)

 1180 USD p.p (based on single person)
900 USD p.p (based on 2pax)
730 USD p.p (based on 3pax)
550 USD p.p (based on 4pax)
490 USD p.p (based on 5pax)
350 USD p.p (based on 6pax)
Up from 6pax please
see our group service

 Up from 6pax please
see our group service

Prices included:
 Prices included:
- land transportation within country and its fuel cost
- English-speaking TGM Tour Manager or local guides (Other languages are possible)
- entrance fees to museums, conservation fees or permits to national parks and government charges
- special events and excursions as described in the itinerary
- horse or camel hire where specified
- support staff including horse/camel men and camp assistants
- airport or train station pick up and drop off transfers

- accommodation in countryside (6 nights in tourist camp)
- food service (three meals in a day)
- mineral waters
 - land transportation within country and its fuel cost
- English-speaking TGM Tour Manager or local guides (Other language are possible)
- entrance fees to museums, conservation fees or permits to national parks and government charges
- special events and excursions as described in the itinerary
- horse or camel hire where specified
- support staff including horse/camel men and camp assistants
- airport or train station pick up and drop off transfers  

- accommodation in countryside (6 nights in local guesthouse)

Prices not included:
 Prices not included:
- travel insurance, visas, departure tax
- alcoholic drinks, items of a personal nature
- gratuities for staffs 
 - travel insurance, visas, departure tax
- alcoholic drinks, items of a personal nature
- gratuities for staffs

- food service 
- sleeping bag

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- Above prices are changeable by changing components (kind of services) of the itinerary!
- It is possible that mixture of tourist camps/local family/ger/guesthouse and based on your interests.
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