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Northern Mongolia

Northern Mongolian travel boast two of Northern Mongolia's most impressive spots, Khuvsgul Lake and Darkhad depression. A slice of paradise right in our doorstep, Khuvsgul Lake N.P offers a kaleidoscope of attractions and activities. Once you step afoot the shore of the huge lake , be mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of the lush greenery asps pine arch black forest, with exciting attractions that will certainly blow you away! It’s a themed attraction, Siberian resort, Nature Park and heritage centre all rolled into one! Northern Mongolian tours visit a number of other interesting places, such as the snowcapped peaks of Soyan Mountain range or the taiga forests of Uilgan River, where travelers catch most exotic Taiman fish. The diverse expanses of wilderness are sure to amaze you on Khuvsgul National Park tours.


 (3 days) Khovsgol Lake Tour
 (4 days) Khuvsgul Lake National Park Trip
 (6 days) Paved Road Tour To Khuvsgul Lake
(7 days) Central & North Mongolian Tour