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Horseback Riding Around Khuvsgul Nuur

Lake Khuvsgul - Most popular tourist site of Mongolia. About midway along border between Siberian Russia and Mongolia, in a gigantic stone bowl nearly 110km long and almost 40km wide, lies 3% of the all the fresh water on earth-Lake Khusgul.
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Length: 4 days
 Northern Mongolia, Khuvsgul province, around Lake Khuvsgul 
Potential dates and weather condition: all year around
Difficulty: easy - moderate
Distance: 3 hours domestic flights, 350 km via land

Day1. Getting in the Lake
Day2. First day of horse riding
Day3. Second day of horse riding
Day4. Back to UB

Day1. Getting in the Lake. (1.5 hours flight, 120 km)

After breakfast time, you will be transferred to Chinggis Khaan airport for a flight to Mörön, provincial center of Mörön province. The flight will continue about 1.5 hours.
After you landed in Mörön town, our local guide will pick you up and drive to Mörön town. In the town we will visit to local food market and you will see real Mongolian local food market. Then we will have lunch at local restaurants, we will catch shuttle minivan which will go to Khatgal village, located on the shore of the Lake.
The driving will continue about 4 hours and after you arrived in Khatgal our local guide will pick you up and bring you to your guesthouse in Khatgal. Then you will be served by Mongolian delicious meals for dinner and free time.
Overnight in a guesthouse of Khatgal village.

Day2. First day of horseback riding.

After breakfast, you will meet the local horsemen who will accompany you on the rest of the journey. After you mount your horse your stirrups will be adjusted for your comfort and we will give you some instruction on riding do and don't on the trail for your safety. Then our journey will start. Horse pack trips allow you to reach deep into the southern Siberian wilderness. Horseback riding and fun are the main objectives on horse pack trips combined with good nomad’s Mongolian hospitality. Saddle up the whole family for an unforgettable horseback riding adventure. Horse pack trips are all inclusive with guides, all equipment, meals and lodging in tent camps along the trails.
After full day riding, we will set our tent camp on the green sheer and cook our dinner. Overnight in tent. 
Day3. Visiting reindeer herders’ family and horseback riding.

Today, you will visit a reindeer herders’ family. You will see & enjoy specific lifestyle of those society isolated people. Then, you can try riding on reindeer back if you want. Early morning, will ride toward the north for reindeer. On reaching in a foothill of pass Jankhai, we visit a reindeer herders’ family. Then, you will be introduced into specific lifestyle of this nation’s minority and especially you will see & enjoy performance of their religion Shaman.
After lunch, we will enjoy an exhilarating horseback pack trip through untamed wilderness and panoramic scenery. The horseback riding enthusiast will experience an unforgettable excursion through timbered ridges and mountain meadows. Then we will back to Khatgal village.
Before dinner, we will arrived in Khatgal village and overnight in the horseman's guesthouse. 
Day4. Back to Ulaanbaatar. (120 km, 1.5 hours flight)

Today, you will fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Early morning wake up needed! We will catch shuttle minivan and back to Mörön town in 3 hours. After you arrived in the airfield of
The flight from Mörön to Ulaanbaatar takes one-and-a-half hours. On arrival at the ‘Chinggis Khaan’ international airport in ‘Ulaanbaatar’, you will be transferred to the Ulaanbaatar city. Then finish our trip. See you!